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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Please Talk Me Out of Texting This Guy Back

We went out a couple of times a couple of months ago. He was only looking for something casual, which is fine. I'm not looking for a relationship either. And he was really hot, and the sex was phenomenal. I left his place on a Sunday night, and he told me to text him on Monday, and we could talk about getting together again. He didn't respond, but it was a long weekend, so I texted him again Tuesday, just in case. I have a two-text policy. If they don't respond to two separate texts, then they've obviously lost interest. So I figure whatever, he just wasn't as into as it seemed, and move on.


But last night he texted me! And I shouldn't respond, because he's a douche for pulling a disappearing act, and if he can't give me the decency of responding to my texts, why should I respond to his. It would only validate his behavior. But he was so hot, and the sex was so good. Please, please talk me down from responding to him. My brain and my body are fighting each other out right now.

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