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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Please tell me I'm going to have this baby soon!

You guise! I'm excited because there are signs that I am going to be going into labor soon. At least I hope.

As you may remember I have been pretty miserable the last month or so of this pregnancy. Lots of swelling, heartburn, and my morning sickness is back. Plus I'm at the point where I think there is literally no more room in my body for this thing and it hurts to sit. I had my first cervical check at almost 37 weeks a couple weeks ago and the baby was very low, no dilation but my cervix had started softening. Last week they didn't check me but I hadn't noticed a lot of difference between those two weeks. Since my appointment last week I've been feeling lots of pressure in my pelvis. My vagina feels like someone punched it. (This starts venturing into TMI territory here) I started losing my mucus plug yesterday and today a big chunk complete with brown blood came out. I have an appointment tomorrow morning and I'm hoping this means I've starting dilating. For those Jezzies who have given birth did losing you mucus plug signify labor was about to start or is it one of those things that can happen weeks before it's time? I've only had a handful of mild contractions in the last week or so. Also since I'm close to 39 weeks I wanted to request a membrane sweep be done. Any success stories with regards to those? I see the light at the end of this very long tunnel and I am so ready for this.


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