Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm visiting in August, and Manlover and I are planning our trip. Please tell me all about it, Torontians. Torontites. Whatever you are called.

I'm visiting Toronto with Manlover from the ninth of August through the twelfth. Manlover is going for work so we are spending Saturday and Sunday hanging out together, and then I'm on my own during the day Monday and Tuesday.

So far, we are spending the night of the eighth in Niagara, and we are going to see the falls Saturday morning. Then we'll spend the rest of the time in the city. We also plan to hit up a museum or two, and maybe spend a day at the beach. I think we are going to that terrifying tower thing even though I am afraid of heights, too.


So, people who live in Toronto, I would like to know the following:

1) Where and what should we eat? We usually have one fancy night out together when we travel, and spend the rest of the trip eating cheaper food. What is your favorite nice restaurant? Your favorite inexpensive local place? Is there any local food we must eat?

2) Where and what should we drink? Are there any good cocktail bars? And what about just hanging out bars? Please keep in mind that we are olds and will not enjoy a college bar, but I do like dives.

3) Is there anything you think we should not miss when we are in town? Your favorite place that we might otherwise not know about?


4) Are any of you thrifters? Are there good thrift stores or flea markets you know of?

Thanks a ton for your help, GT. Also, as the date arrives I might try to arrange a meetup with some of you for when I'll be in my own, if you're interested.

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