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Please vent here ☞☞

I need to vent (long, sorry), so I am assuming others do as well - do it here!

I had an interview yesterday with a website to talk about my research. The night before my roommate told me she had invited a friend over for breakfast. I usually work from home on Fridays, so this really annoyed me. And it was annoying - my bedroom (where I work) is right off the living room/dining room - and they were not loud, but I could hear everything because I am so close. She said they would be gone by 11 in time for my interview - but they weren’t - and it was annoying and distracting.

I went to get a haircut yesterday - my first in NYC and my first with this stylist. The stylist donates a portion of product sales to Planned Parenthood - which I really like. I liked her as well - although she talked non-stop and I found it exhausting. I don’t wear my glasses when I get my haircut (obv) and I am kind of blind without them - so I can’t really see what is going on. This means I need to make sure we are on the same page AND that I tell them that and that they tell me what they are doing because - instead of the haircut I requested (image below) I have a shoulder length cut with some pretty short layers. MY hair when I went in was mid-back length. I lost half of my hair!!! The styling was just hideous. I walked out - put what I had left in a ponytail and just went home.


I got home and started to make dinner. Before I did so, I had to put away all of the dishes my roommate left drying on the counter from her breakfast and wash the stuff she left in the sink. Usually I have late afternoons/early evenings to myself, but while I was cooking - my roommate got home and decided to start cooking as well. We have a tiny NYC kitchen - there really isn’t room for two people. I felt like as soon as my dinner was ready that I had to clean up everything immediately and put the leftovers away rather than waiting till after dinner since she was also cooking. So by the time I ate, my dinner was lukewarm (it was delicious though - roasted heirloom cauliflower with mashed butternut squash). I was really tired after dinner and took a nap. When I woke up I had a migraine. :(

Woke up this morning at 5am with the migraine. Went to the bathroom and plugged in my hair appliances to try to figure out whether my hair could be made cute at all. Just about to start trying to fix it when I heard my roommate come out of her bedroom. She doesn’t get up early - so this means she was waiting in the hallway for the bathroom. So annoying. I get up early to get some time to myself.

So, I am in a foul mood and my head hurts like the dickens - this is like my 5th migraine since I moved to NYC in august (and I hadn’t had one in Chicago for a few years!). I think part of it is that my eating habits have fallen apart - so I need to get back on track. It is also partially because I am not exercising. I was thinking of getting up early every morning and going up and down the stairs in my building for exercise. I also signed up with housing for the waitlist to get a place to myself. Our lease ends in June, I think - but if I can find a place just for me that I can afford, I will likely move.

I need to improve my mood today pronto.


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