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Here’s my vent: Finding housing in NYC.

The housing market moves fast. Way fast. I have been focusing on finding rooms to rent, and have found a few I like, but then get no response. Fine - that happens. I found a place I really liked in a great location and she has no furniture, so I wouldn’t have to put my stuff in storage. We talked on the phone and she said she needed a roommate agreement - fine. She sent it to me and it is basically a form that requires a guarantor. We never discussed that, and this is kind of new to me bc I thought you only needed a guarantor if you couldn’t prove your income and other income-related things. I emailed just asking about it, and crickets.

I was supposed to talk to someone tonight via facetime about a place. She got busy and didn’t respond to me until late, and asked if we could talk tomorrow instead. I’m kind of cranky about this bc I actually did my hairs and put on real clothes (I work from home! That’s a big deal!). And now I have to do it tomorrow too??? In this place, I’d get to at least use my own bedroom furniture, and her furniture is boring, so maybe I could convince her to use mine. It’s also like a 5 min walk to central park- which excites me to no end.


Someone reached out to me through the university housing site to see if I wanted to look for a place with her. Great! We talked and seemed to get along. She is not in the US, so time zones are an issue - but I am looking every day for housing - and send her stuff all the time, and she seems to not even be looking. I send her a place, and it takes a whole day for her to respond. I’ve started just reaching out to landlords when I see things I like without waiting for her. I just really wish she would look for places too.

I found a place - if we take it, we have two options - temp sublet for 4 months or sign a year long lease. I have three concerns:

1. What if this person and I don’t get along and we’ve signed a year lease? I feel like this is resolvable by just finding someone to take over the lease.

2. The place is furnished -and the furniture is not very nice. It’s sturdy and cheap. I don’t know if there is an option to have them move the stuff out or not. Oh, there’s also no laundry in the building. Boo!

3. The place is in a nice location city-wise, but not in terms of me getting to work. It’s a 15 minute walk to central park - which is amazing.


We’re supposed to decide about this place soon, and I don’t even know how to make a decision. I’m feeling we should just sign the year lease and assume things will work out. Neither of us is super eager to have to move again in 4 months. It also has enough room for visitors, which would be really nice.

ETA - just got an email from a place I like that is a 3 min walk from campus. She wants to facetime on Friday.


What’s your vent? Alternatively, tell me how to decide.

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