I was in my room all this morning being sad and stuff. Pepper, my roommate's dog, came to check on me. I didn't let her on my bed and told her to leave me alone. When I finally came out of the room I went to give her scritches but I tripped and she sneezed on my face. As I ran to the bathroom to wash off the snot I told her she was stinky and that was why no one loved her, and now she's curled up at the end of the hall looking at me all sad. I went to pet her but she didn't seem that into it. HAVE I RUINED OUR SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP FOREVER?????

How do I apologize and make things right between us? She's my favorite pillow/foot warmer/nap buddy! I didn't mean it that I didn't love her, you guyz :(((((

ETA: Nevermind, I just gave her some peanut butter and now she's cool. Lol. Dum dog.

ETA ETA: Nooo, Pepper I'm sorry I will never dog shame you again! Now she's ignoring me to go nap in the sun. DX