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Pls To Help Me Money.

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Disney’s least popular of lands. Rides include “Donald’s Income Roller Coaster”, “Goofy’s Monthly Bill Bumper Cars”, and “Mickey’s JESUS FUCK IT COSTS HOW MUCH? Souvenir Shop.”


Oh, hello there GT and its secret cadre of financial mavens; I need your help. I’ve been developing my budget over the past six months and my Excel spreadsheets, while a work of a great and terrible beauty, are a major pain in the ass and getting annoying/confusing to update, given the number of ways my cash is diversified.

So what I’m looking for is a flexible budgeting app that allows for:

* On-the-fly changes to allocations/categories/etc.;

* Automatically links to accounts (checking/savings/credit/loans);

* Can switch between multiple budgets (I keep separate budgets for personal and business);

* Will help track dynamic expenses (like gas, groceries, misc spending) more closely;

* Has web support (I can work with it on my computer or my phone)

* Preferably under $10 (willing to consider a subscription if that app is balls out amazing).


Aaaaaaaaaand GO!

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