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Plus Sign Quilt

So this is the quilt I've been working on for the past couple of months. I collect a lot of fabics, and one thing I collect is Japanese taupe fabrics—they are not easy to find, and I have quite a bit of them—so I started this after Christmas. I piece everything by hand—for me it's a relaxation thing—so I usually do hand-work during the evenings while I watch tv.

These fabrics are all neutrals, and they have a lot of woven textures. When I got all of the blocks done, I felt like it needed something so I hand-dyed some of the whites with a citron gold color and scattered some of those blocks throughout to give it a little punch of color.


So the top is done, and I am putting the back together—I had made some reverse blocks—white plusses with a black background—so I made a couple of rows to inset into the backing —the back is a really fine shirting cotton in a tiny black and white stripe that comes off kind of grey.

I want to do some hand-quilting to add to the texture on this—so hopefully I can get it basted together over the weekend and get going on that!

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