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Plus Size Fashion Lusting

Today, in things I am buying want to buy, we have the following items:

1. This BOSS fucking pleated skirt — with pockets! — which I would totally wear exactly as styled, down to tucking in one of my chambray shirts. (I admit, I have a denim shirt problem. Just kidding, it's not a problem to wear a denim shirt everyday, it's awesome.)


2. There's just something about these sort of weird, sort of amazing mushroom pants (I'm not the only one who is reminded of mushrooms with these, right?) that I dig so much. I know I'd wear the hell out of these. The makers will do custom sizes for only $15 more, which is rad. I'm envisioning these with a scoopneck white tee and a little something over the top... probably a denim shirt, because that all I wear lately... see note above.

3. These insanely fucking cute custom leather flats (that's custom made for your feet, because I'm bougie like that) ... I want these so, so much. The little details make them just special enough to qualify as being lust-worthy.


4. Okay, I technically already ordered this but it's TAKING SO SO SO LONG. This is the price of ordering custom clothes from other countries, but whatevers, it's fraking amazing and I am going to wear it for every other triple-digit temperature day this summer. (I mentioned it was 112°F today, yes? BLEH.) Also, I am aware it is basically a muumuu. I am 100% on board with a cute muumuu paired with gold sandals. YES.


Can anyone tell I like Etsy? I *love* Etsy. As a plus-size woman who gets really RILLY tired of cheap sparkly bits and weird bright purple fabric, there is nothing like Etsy to tame the fashion beast.

I feel like this is because individuals better understand, or have a vision for, what people need and want better than corporations on the niche level. Big corps will always serve the biggest swath of customers because that's how they can make the most money, and a little business can't compete with that. But by fulfilling niche needs, a small business can find a lot of success where a big business probably wouldn't bother trying.


And that's my PSA to make myself feel like I have good intentions when I'm really just drooling over things I probably shouldn't buy because college debt I'm a responsible adult.

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