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Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping

This weekend I’m going wedding dress shopping for the first time and I’m plus size. I know that most bridal salons can only afford 1 sample of a dress and they will pick something in the size 8-10 range. I know that dresses aren’t going to fit, the sample doesn’t fit most brides. But I’m larger than the sample size enough that I don’t think it will be just that the dress doesn’t zip situation, but more of a can’t even get the skirt over your thighs situation.

So for my plus size ladies who have gone wedding dress shopping, what should I expect? Will they make me just hold the dress up against myself and imagine? Will they pin the dress over my undergarments? Should I give up on most bridal salons and just go to specialty plus size stores? Is David’s Bridal going to be the only place that has a floor sample I can actually try on?

I know that the salons can order a dress in my size, but how do you pick when you couldn’t even half way try it on? Also, I’m being realistic about how it’s going to go down but I also worry that I’m already so negative in my headspace that I’m setting myself up for a really bad time.

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