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Plus Sized Bridesmaid Dress--HALP!!!!

So i'm in a wedding in a couple of months, of a very dear friend. Who is really trying to go easy on me because the last wedding i was in.. well... i ended up on anti-anxiety meds because it was that bad. (I wish i was exaggerating...but i'm not)

So anyways, i need to find a pink or coral knee-length or not too much shorter dress that doesn't make my chest look like i'm carrying two large melons in a sling, but still covers my backside while showing that unlike other big girls, i still have a waist. Oh and I'm pale, but apparently I'm a different kind of pale cuz NA heritage. (That's what all the color expert people at the mall told me) Any suggestions of places where this magical dress may be? It doesn't have to be a 'bridesmaid' dress but it does need to be really fancy... does that make sense? No? Sorry... Oh and try to keep it around a hundred bucks cuz this wedding is stretching us financially. :(

Soooo any ideas?? Thanks, here's a kitty for your efforts!


(pic came from this excellent blog entry: http://tixeertne.wordpress.com/category/weddi… )

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