I moved away from the Land of My People almost two years ago. The transition has been mostly okay, tho there still are things that I don't understand in this new culture/region. Like for example duvet/blanket/whatev covers.

Drawing A, a rough sketch of a typical blanket cover found throughout the Land of My People:

The red lines signify areas where the two sides are not joined to insert or to facilitate the insertion of the blanket.

Yesterday I happened upon a cute set (pillowcase + blanket cover) made of flannel and adorned with octograms and thought that, indeed, it had gotten a little chilly and since I'm hopefully moving out from my parents' soon, I'll need sheets of my own anyway.


This set came with a blanket cover with a cut more in line with local traditions.

Drawing B, a local blanket cover:


The red line signifies again the area where the two sides are not joined.

This is not the first time I have happened upon a blanket cover like this, but I still don't understand it.


What am I supposed to do with the extra bit? tuck it in somehow? tuck it between the mattress? just leave it? is it even supposed to be at the foot of the bed? so. many. questions.

Can anyone enlighten me, plz?