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Welcome To The Bitchery
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PM OT: Revenge of the visiting scholar!

I went to go see the play Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow tonight. It is basically a modern day Cherry Orchard (or Cherry Torture as anyone who has been in the play or worked on the play call it). It was amusing - but there was one scene where one of the characters pretends to shoot another - first with a shotgun over and over and over and over - then with a machine gun - endlessly - then he bombs the other character. A woman walked out. I can’t believe given what happened this past weekend they didn’t rewrite that part.

As I left, I saw Ira Glass!

I walked out and checked my email and the visiting scholar — see here:


emailed me to see if she could stay with me for a “few days” (ha ha) for $30 a day. Ummmm.... that is less than both the actual rent for the room AND the amount she tried to get me to lower it to. I am not responding - will let the team working with her know. My understanding is that they were going to send her a few airbnb links.

What’s up with you tonight?

EDITED TO ADD: My mentor sent the visiting scholar a strongly worded email (and included the entire email exchange in the body) - which is kind of amazing as they’ve never stood up for me (as far as I know). They have a lot of global experience, so they handled it well, assertively, and clearly. So hopefully no more emails.


EDITED AGAIN: An email was forwarded to me in which the scholar asked a staff person for help finding housing, and the scholar wrote, “I found a place by myself but she changed.” LOL.

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