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Welcome To The Bitchery
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PM Rant and OT

It’s the PM. Do you have rants? Did you buy anything new? Are you watching Jeopardy! right now like I do everyday and is one of the few scheduled sources of joy right now? Is everyone around you a stupid idiot? Tell me about it here.

I’m pretty sure most of you know how much I hate my idiot co-worker. Well, today we got an email from one of our coordinators asking to run a name in a database to confirm whether or not they’re a veteran. I did it, and it took 3 seconds and sent a confirmation that the person is a vet.


30 MINUTES LATER co-worker emails me directly and says he can’t find that name in the database and doesn’t appreciate me “lying” to everyone about a persons vet status who isn’t a vet. Well turns out co-worker misspelled the guy’s name, so no wonder the guy didn’t show up in the database. After I pointed out that nothing is coming up for him because he misspelled the name, he just replies with: “Oh.” This is the 10th time he has done this. Co-worker lacks the ability to fucking read and spell and it’s insane to me how he hasn’t been fired yet. 

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