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PMS and finding a therapist (TW: mental health, TMI)


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Sometimes my PMS is no big deal. Like last month (although I did start spotting before I finished my BC pack...), no problem. Totally sane. But this month (last week) I felt like everything in my life was a mess and I couldn't begin to figure out how to fix any of it. All I could do was mope around and cry a lot. Obviously the thing to do here is speak to my doctor about a less crazy-making form of BC, but mid-week last week I was convinced that I couldn't cope and that I should seek some professional help. Which brings me to the point of this post. I contacted three different therapist's offices. One told me they wouldn't take my insurance (despite being listed on my insurers website as someone who would), one told me she is not currently taking on new patients and the third never got back to me at all. Fortunately for me, as my PMS abated so did my mood-swings and unhappiness. But, if they hadn't I don't think I could have dealt with all of the effort and complications involved in finding someone to speak to. I can't believe that finding a therapist is so difficult (I mean, I can believe it, but I feel that it's unreasonable).

What is your experience with this GT? Was finding someone to work with hard? Easy? Did it take a million emails and phone calls? We're you referred by a doctor/friend/relative? Have you ever felt so bad that you haven't looked for help because you couldn't imagine dealing with the headache of finding the right therapist?

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