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The weight of PMS...

I am so emotional today. I teared up on the phone at work (not audibly, thank god) when a principal was telling me how happy I made one of his students. Conversely, I feel like every interaction I have is tense and/or awkward, and had to stop myself twice from emailing coworkers asking them if I am acting weird. I also feel like there's a layer of grease on me and one pimple on my forehead that I just can't stop poking (sry guys). I keep paranoid-ly checking my work email because I left work 'super early' today (5:30). I had a burger, fries, and a milkshake for lunch and somehow was still hungry. I would hurt someone for a brownie, so its good that I'm alone and also that there is no chocolate here.


I did get myself to run 3 miles so that was good, I guess. And I made myself a healthy lunch for tomorrow.

So, I think it's fair to call it a day, right? Like this is over. I should just hide under the covers and watch something cute and funny.


Feel free to enter your own tales of PMS and/or period woe. Or if you have an idea of what I should watch that is cute and funny, as I finally have a quiet night in to myself!!

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