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PMS Moodiness remedies: UPDATE

Update: Progesterone cream is AMAZING!!!! Going to doc soon to double check, but fuuuuck it’s great. Whole new person.

Hey all,

Long time no speak. Hope you are all well. I need some real advice from some real people who have faced similar symptoms. In the last year or so my PMS mood swings have gotten worse and worse. I’m not a super depressive person. Mostly ok. Faced some exterior stress in the last couple years that affects my anxiety a bit, but mostly have it under control. No real high highs or low lows. But around my period, I become uncontrollable. Crying, despair, thinking the world is ending. Then my period starts, and I’m filled back up with all the confidence in the world. It’s affecting me a lot and my relationship. I’m so sick of feeling this way. I literally dread the week before my period now. Anyone ever taken anything or tried anything that gave them symptom relief? The Internets suggest vitamin E along with some Omega 3 fatty oils. Exercise, sleep, no booze or caffeine etc? Anyone have any luck with this? Or is this my life for the next 20-30 years?


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