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PMS Talk: This might be too TMI but well...

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Every month, I get anxious and eat and bloat and freak out and can't concentrate and then am like "OMG, I am pmsing" when I get my period. Like I just ate a bunch of cake after smelling cake for days—like some weird olfactory hallucination, I ate some rotisserie chicken (which was DELICIOUS) and just sort of like felt anxious all day. I got into a weird obsessive loop with so many things, like I can't be talked down and I get anxious again and again and again. I have the tendency to ruminate and obsess but it was particularly bad this weekend. Usually i have some better control over it. It's just an endless shit spiral. Then I had my period. And I don't know why I never connect the two. I mean, I'm 43. I've had my period for 30 years. I should know better. I SHOULD KNOW.


The cake was good. I also had these pea crisps. Those were good too. Don't tell the rest of Team Pie but I think I might be converting to team cake. I've had too many good experiences lately. I'm so relieved though. I feel so much better.

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