I have a problem Groupthink, and I want your input. Should I disregard Pocahontas because of it's truly problematic nature, or is it okay to excuse because she's my favorite Disney princess and I didn't see the errors until I was older?

I get that it is historically inaccurate, does not portray Native American* people correctly, does not depict the truly heinous things that the European settlers did, etc. It's not great. But growing up, Pocahontas was the closest thing to a Disney princess we had in my family. We've always known we had direct linkages to Native Americans (as in my grandpa's grandma was 100% Native American, very small percentage in me) and the family my age all pretty much attached to the one that looked closer to us than the white, Asian, or Middle Eastern ones.

And I love that story, I think it's just beautiful. Fake as hell Disney BS'ing, but really enjoyable. The songs are the best. I kinda hate that I grew up and realized it's considered a blight in the eyes of intersectional feminism, because it dampens my enjoyment. My niece and nephew may have Princess and the Frog (let me not start on the love they have for that, it's too cute for words) but they also love Pocahontas, and I want to share it with them. I want them to understand that the world their mother and aunts grew up in was one where we had no princesses that looked like us, and that was true for not only cartoon characters, but Presidents as well. I want them to know that representation matters and if need be, they should always demand it.

So GT, what do you all think? Should I Song of the South it and pretend it never happened? Or is it okay to love as long as I acknowledge the problems and issues, as I have been? I sometimes feel like such an asshole when I think about how much I love the film when I know it may be offensive to a huge group of people.


*I'm saying Native American because to the best of my knowledge it is an accepted term, although some NA people prefer American Indian. If I'm wrong, correct me and I'll edit.