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Podcast Citizen Radio Reads One Of My Groupthink Posts On Air--WOW!

Awesome!!!!!! Commenter Beletseri heard one of my articles read on a popular podcast!

Check this out. The great podcast, Citizen Radio, read my post "Please Stop Telling Me How To Dress At Work" on their show and had a really good discussion about it. (The discussion on the post starts at 33:00 minutes in.)


First of all, they totally get it. Totally totally totally totally. The conversation will have you fist-bumping at your desk (and laughing your ass off, too). It's cool to see that there's a world beyond us here at Jezebel where people also 'get' these issues and why it's so freaking important to talk about them.

Second of all, I'm glad that Burt and his glorious gif bring as much joy to others as he does to me. Today, during my early morning sunrise salutations to Burt Reynolds, I let him know just how much his laughing face is enjoyed by all. Today, let us watch at least 20 minutes of Cannonball Run II, to reinforce the power of Burt within the physical world around us.

Lastly—my article, read on a podcast? *gasps*



Thanks again to beletseri for making me aware of this.

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