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Podcast Completionist

So I’ve become a Podcast person in the last few years. I now have a 90 mile round trip commute so about two hours in the car each day, so I’m still deciding what I like.

However does anyone else feel the need to work through a complete podcast’s history? I’m not talking say a True Crime or narrative type one, just your standard celebrity/comics talking. Is this just a me.

Also an unasked bonus: What I’m currently subscribed to

-Jackie Kashian’s The Dorkforest. Jackie Kashian is a female comedian, she is proudly a dork and brings people on to talk about things they are into. A recent episode had her and another comedian discuss the wonder that is Murder She Wrote.


-The Dana Gould Hour: comes out once a month, he’s been one of my favorite standups since I discovered HBO Comedy on Demand at age 12. He has a mix of guests, some loosely thematic tied, some not, and he usually does a middle piece on a topic he finds interesting. If you binge-listen you’ll notice he does repeat stories.

-Conan O’Brien needs a friend. Basically a long form of a Conan interview, if you’re Team Coco you’ll like this. Lot of frigging ads though.

-Encyclopeia Womannica. I think it may be some grad students novelty project. Monday-Friday the host does a 5 minute oral report on a famous, infamous or accomplished woman. It usually sends me on a Wikipedia rabbit hole.

-NPR Up First: News in 15 minutes

-NPR:The Indicator : Or as I call it the economy for dum-dums. Because I’m a dum-dum when it comes to the economy


-David Tennant Does a Podcast with....: David Tennant talks to fellow celebrities many of whom he has done stuff with. (Catherine Tate, Krysten Ritter, Michael Sheen)

-You Must Remember This: Pretty well-known in podcast land, possibly in perm hiatus but 145 episodes on old timey Hollywood (the first few episodes were definitely her doing some searching, but after she’s pretty on-brand)


NPR White Lies: My first True Crime podcast, about the murder of civil rights worker a white minister named James Reeb

-The 3 Questions with Andy Richter: Literally just listened to my first episode.  It was Jim Gaffigan, I got bored with 20 minutes left, that might have just been Gaffigan though.

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