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Podcast Recommendation

Confession: I never got around to listening to the “Keeping it 1600" podcast, which was that politics show hosted by a group of former Obama aides.

The guys behind the podcast have just officially relaunched the show, complete with a brand new name and a new network. It’s now the “Pod Save America” podcast and its distributed through the newly created “Crooked Media” network.

I finally listened to its first episode and I think it will be a worthwhile tool for staying engaged over the next few years. It’s got a pleasant, light tone combined with a nicely insider-y perspective. And the hosts say that one of the goals for this new incarnation is to disseminates strategies and ideas for how people can get more involved in politics going forward, which is a major plus.


Plus, they’ve dubbed the Republican strategy on Obamacare as “Repeal and Go Fuck Yourself,” and if this doesn’t charm you, then I don’t what else would and suggest you go sit in a corner and reevaluate your life.

Plus, plus Jon Favreau, a.k.a. real life Sam Seaborn, a.k.a one of Pulpo’s original nerd crushes, is one of the hosts and, and, swoon.

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