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Anyone out there listen to some rad podcasts?

A couple of times a week I have a task at work that takes me about an hour and I find it helpful to listen to a podcast to pass the time. In addition to giving me some noise to listen to, it makes me feel smarter— like I've done something of value to better myself for that day (low standards, I know). Right now, I love listening to people talk about race, gender, feminism, sexism, religion, writing and pop culture.

Some podcasts that I listen to that I love are Black Girls Talking, Godless Bitches, and This American Life (although one in every four of the episodes end up being really boring for me).


Anyone have suggestions for something new I can plug in to?

ETA: THANKS FOR ALL OF THESE AWESOME SUGGESTIONS, EVERYONE. Anyone who is bored at work need to check out the comments on this post! It feels like Christmas, but at work. So really it feels more like buying new tupperware.

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