Hi GT! So I know that there was a true crime podcast post earlier this week, but I have a more specific request if anyone has any recommendations!

I just finished Dirty John (I know, late to the game) and LOVED it. I also loved season one of Serial.

Does anyone have any recs for similar podcasts like those two, where the host focuses on one unsolved case or just a batshit story? Dirty John was refreshing since it had a conclusive ending, whereas with Serial you’re just left with more questions. I also liked about half of S Town but felt that it kind of petered out towards the end.

As an aside, I really enjoyed the host of Dirty John. He took a very journalistic approach to the case— I loved that he didn’t insert himself into the story and he remained unbiased. And although I enjoyed Serial, I did think that Sarah Koenig often focused too much on her thoughts and feelings.