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Poetry Magazine is suddenly crazy awesome, including: GoT poems!

New editor, new life, new kickassery. This month, three poems by Leah Umansky inspired by Game of Thrones! They're all worth checking out (and all online), but "Khaleesi Says" is particularly awesome — posted below:

Khaleesi Says — Leah Umansky

In this story, she is fire-born:
knee-deep in the shuddering world.

In this story, she knows no fear,
for what is fractured is a near-bitten star,
a false-bearing tree,
or a dishonest wind.


In this story, fear is a house gone dry.
Fear is not being a woman.

I'm no ordinary woman, she says.
My dreams come true.

And she says and she is
and I say, yes, give me that.

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