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If you have a general question/concern/longer comment or a post from your own blog that you’d like the general GT audience to see, most people don’t mind (I certainly don’t), if you snag onto a post or comment by someone with privileges, and say; “Could you post this for me? I need some advice on this issue”. If it’s a reasonable request, most people are happy to post it.

When I see a comment by someone I’m unfamiliar with, I check their commenting history and posts to see if I want to star or respond, and very often I’ll come across a comment or post on a personal blog that’s asking for advice, or feedback, but it hasn’t been seen by someone with privileges, and has never been posted for the larger audience, and I feel bad that someone may be hoping for advice.

Things that are posted to your personal blog may never be seen by the general audience unless someone stumbles on it, like I have, so please, don’t hesitate to ask for it to be posted.


I will also say that I will never post something like that without asking permission first; it’s certainly possible that people don’t want everything shared.

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