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Poison pun mysteries

I’ve become aware that in the bookstore, there’s a genre of books called “cozy mysteries”. They’re your amateur detectives a la Murder She Wrote. Examples could be a knitting circle who puts together clues while they work, the plucky chef who goes after a killer armed only with a frying pan, or the librarian who finds blood splashed on the page of a newly returned book.

I love mysteries and whodunits so these are right up my alley. Rita Mae Brown, Diane Mott Davidson, and Jessica Fluke are some I enjoy. But then best BEST thing about these are the titles. Because I also love puns and most of the titles are terrible puns.

If Hooks Could Kill. Dark Tort. Moss Hysteria. Vanilla Beaned. Going Going Ganache. Do or Diner. And Then There Were Nuns. (These are all actual book titles)


So I started figuring out the Cheesy Murder series. Thoughts so far: Feta-lly Yours. Cheddar Off Dead. Brie No More. Chevre-ly is Dead. The Munster Under the Bed. Gouda Bye. Bleu in the Face. Edam to Hell.

What cozy titles can you come up with?

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