Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I haven’t been playing Pokémon go as much lately. I generally play in four very specific scenarios

1. In the car on the way to work. We have a very short (10 minutes) commute through slow traffic. This gives me lots of chances to spin pokestops, and catch various Pokémon. My husband drives


2. At work at lunch. I work in a gym heavy area and there is usually a raid available every week.

3. On my way to the gym. I walk to the gym (I am usually going there for Pilates or yoga, the walk is my cardio). It’s a 30-40 minute walk, I get lots of Pokémon


4. With my husband in the evening.

Lately I have been walking with a coworker at lunch- we do laps of the underground car park. No signal, no Pokémon.


My husband got the shits with the game because he was having trouble with something. I don’t know what. So he doesn’t want to play

That leaves the gym and car and at the moment I get to the gym once a week.

So not so much Pokémon

But we also started playing that Harry Potter United game when it was in beta. It’s fun, some similarities some differences. It is a resource management game and they have tweaked it a bit. The energy drops (what you need to catch the magic things) are more stingy now. I still can’t get excellent on my wand movements. So that’s the other reason I haven’t been playing Pokémon.

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