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Pokemon Go Community Day: Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence

Hiya GT PoGo’ers!

Today is Community day—and it runs from 3-6pm in your local time zone:


The shiny versions of today’s Pokemon appear to be green, if this picture posted to my local group is accurate:

Good luck out there today, happy hunting, and may you all catch lots of great dragon-types today!😁

And, As always, feel free to share your catches with us, and also to share your trainer numbers, if you’d like more friends!


And a BIG Thank you, too, to all the folks who’ve been my Pokemon friends, and who’ve traded gifts (and eggs!)—i’ve recently learned that MANY of the Pokemon in my Pokedex are pretty difficult to find in my region, and I’ve acquired many of them from y’all💗💞💖

So THANK YOU, for helping me to fill out SO much of my Pokedex so quickly!💖💖💖

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