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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Pokemon Go, Gofest 2020

Howdy GT Pokeplayers!

This weekend is Gofest, the big worldwide event.

Unlike the previous Gofests, this year’s event isn’t just limited to a handful of players, in a handful of cities around the world. This time, it’s for anyone who purchased a ticket, and worldwide, from 10am-8pm, in your timezone (wherever that may be).


Are any of y’all participating? What parts are you looking forward to most?

Also, I know in the past, some folks were in cities/states without anyone else to raid with—which was why a bunch of us had exchanged trainer #’s, for sending gifts to each other...


Now that we can invite people to raids worldwide (I believe a trainer *at* a gym can invite up to 5 other trainers), would anyone be interested in being invited to raids?

As always, feel free to share your trainer #’s, if you’d like, and any tips, catches, or questions you have, too!

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