I ran (and walked) a 5K today, so I decided to finally buy some incubators to give myself a little reward at the end. I had to walk around a little more afterward since it’s not great at registering all of your distance, but I hatched all 9 of my eggs.

A couple of them were bummers, but I’m happy with the Sandshrew, Abra and Meowth—plus the Shellder is new to my Pokedex and the Ekans turned out to be my first 100% IV Pokemon!

Also, a couple of tips for buying coins without using actual cash:

1. Shopkick gives you points for going to various stores and scanning items. You can redeem the points for Target gift cards and then buy Google Play gift cards with them. That’s how I bought these 8 incubators today. Popped into Target at 8AM on my way to the race! (That is my referral link so full disclosure if you sign up we both get a $2 bonus.)

2. Google Opinion Rewards app gives you Google Play credit for taking brief surveys. Small amounts each time, like 10 to 20 cents, but it adds up! I’ve used $2 from it combined with gym defender rewards to buy some bag upgrades.