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Pokemon Go--Lotad Limited Research Day

Hello GT Poke-people!

Just a reminder that today, from 11 am until 8 PM in your local time zone, it’s a Special Research Day:


This one appears to be like the Clamperl and Feebas days, where you need to get out & travel to as many Pokestops as possible to get research tasks & complete them.

Be on the lookout for those Shinies—both Lotad and Castform—the Shiny Castforms look like this (caught by a member of my local Raid group):


Good Luck, Happy Hunting, share your victories if you feel like it, and—as always, feel free to share your trainer #’s, if you’d like to!😉

(Edited for typos, because since the latest Google update, whenever I write a post, the left edge of my screen—and the double letters that appear whenever i type a new line—are hidden until i publish🙃🤣😂)

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