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I had to figure out what was up with the 500 “first catch of the day” points I got this afternoon so I did a little research.

  1. You now get 500 points and 600 stardust for your first catch of the day and, according to this site, 500 plus “additional items.” for your first PokeStop of the day. And after 7 consecutive days these amounts go up.
  2. November 7-11 there will be “more Pokemon out in the world” and PokeStops will be giving out more items. (I picked up 22 Pokemon on a one-mile trip to the store and back today, and it appears that I got 6 or 7 items at each PokeStop, except the first one, where I got 12!).

This will help some of us keep our minds off the election, I hope!

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