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Pokémon Go PvP Battles!

Hey everyone! The Pokémon Go player versus player battle feature has finally rolled out! And you can play with far away friends as long as they are your ultra or best friends. You click on a friend’s name like you would to gift or trade. But now a round green symbol is in the middle of those options. You click it and you select which league you want. Great is Pokémon below 1,500 cp. Ultra 2,500. And master are the high Pokémon that are left. They suggest three Pokémon for you to battle with. You can tap one to switch out. Be patient. It can be slow. Once you select and click to play with that party, you wait for your friend to answer your invite and pick theirs. Once the battle starts, you tap the opponent’s Pokémon quickly. When the charge attack circle fills up, you tap that rapidly to release the attack. Each player has two shields they can use during the battle. You get the option when your opponent starts to use a charge attack. You can click not now if you want to save them. Or you can click on the colorful honeycomb to use it. You can get rewards for three friend fights each day. Rewards can include sinnoh Stones. You can also get one training reward. To train against a team leader, click on the pokevision bar to see nearby Pokémon and raids. There is also a battle category. When you click on that, you mostly see a large qr code to show an in person Pokémon goer to battle them. Above it are the three team leaders to choose between. Everything else is the same as above.


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