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Pokemon Shuffle finished main game, strategies

1. Took me close to two weeks. Spent no money on this free game. Just need patience.

2. Coins in the game must be used miserly. Do NOT waste them on great balls. If you complete a level but do not catch the pokemon, play it again until you do. I caught Pokemon reguraly with less then 20 percent chance.

3. There are just a few Pokemon that can be megasized. Audino is the best. Powers up the quickest and can lead to great combos.


4. Save your coins for level 90, 120 and 150. Well use the 2k power up on these three levels with the power up for extra turns. The 2k power up.will instantly megasize your Pokemon in the.first turn.

5. Beating a level will earn you a hundred coins and rebeating it thirty coins. If you keep wifi on every day you will get 500 coins.

6. Jewels come once every 15 levels, Do not waste them on hearts. Remember a new heart appears every thirty minutes, patience is a virtue. Convert your jewels to.coins.

Again this is for the Nintendo 3ds and its a free game. Nintendo wants you to spend money on jewels but do NOT we do not want Nintendo thinking microtransactions are the future. Let's nip that in the bud. You download the game via their eshop.

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