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Pokemon X got the first badge and a warning

I played every generation of Pokemon main series. Black 2 was the last mainline game I played.. I just got X a few days ago,

1. Looooove the graphics. I did close battle animations to speed things up.

2. So many Pokemon to capture so far. Usually first path to first city just has wheedle, kakuna and pidgey. Seriously bug pokemon are the worst. Always hated the bugs. Pidgey not a bad normal and flyer. With these game there are about 10 pokemon to capture.


3. Do NOT turn on wifi after the first badge to challenge passerby folk. First game they took seven turns to ko my six creatures. Second game yup they took seven turns. I got 2 points with my Pikachu. This was with two different folks. I am going to wait until I get to the final four to challenge on wifi. Unless it was a fluke coming across two powerhouses online.

Fun game.

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