Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Now that I live on the east coast, Polar water is far easier to get - and I am obsessed. My housemate is a bit annoyed at how much space my sparkling water addiction is taking up - but too bad! I previously posted a ranking of all La Croix flavors (might be under my previous alias - I can’t find it to link to it). I cannot yet do that for polar, but here are some initial rankings:

1. Vanilla (best - hands down)

2. Toasted coconut (better than la croix’s coconut bc it lacks that slight taste resemblance to suntan lotion)


3. Orange vanilla (tastes like an orange vanilla soda!)

4. Ruby Red Grapefruit (like this better than la croix’s grapefruit)

5. Strawberry watermelon (tastes like a jolly rancher)

6. Cranberry lime (light and refreshing)

7. Black Cherry (not a fan of cherry flavors, but this was okay)

8. Cherry pomegranate

Today I got all of the new mythical flavors. I’ve only tried Unicorn kisses thus far - and it tastes like banana laffy taffy. YUM!!!


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