I was just sitting here feeding Applet when I heard a very very loud voice screaming on the street. At first I thought it was an argument or dispute of some kind, but the voice got louder and I realised she was walking down the street in my direction.

The screaming was absolutely frenzied, and she was screaming over and over "fuck you you bastard, I hope you rot in hell. I'll get you, you bastard. You took my jewels, my car, I hope you rot in hell" etc etc. I shouted for husband to bring me phone, I called 999, told the operator what was happening, said you need to get someone here fast because she is completely unhinged and could be threatening.

Operator dude says in a totally patronising tone of voice "I'll pass it to the police but it's just for information. It just sounds like she had a divorce."


I had a bit of a fit and said no, this is NOT a divorce, she is not on the phone, she is just walking down the street screaming the same thing over and over and is clearly irrational.


He gave me a heavy sigh and said yeeeah I'll pass it on, thanks.......

Tonight: fuck tha police.