I got home from dinner up the street at a local pub at about 8:30, walked the dog, fed everyone, and settled down with my computer to check the news, email, etc.

I started to get REALLY irritated at the helicopter circling very low over the neighbourhood, and then thought ... hey; maybe it’s a police helicopter.

Checked online for anything about my intersection in the last hour, and came up with something posted from twitter “Streets blocked off from the main road down”. And from the police “Police looking for wanted person. Avoid the area”. Great.

There’s a police car parked outside my house, and another blocking the street further down.

I feel safe, I guess?

ETA: neighbours who are twitter connected say it’s a homicide, that it looks like a weapon, no bodies (thank god) being taken from the garage across from my front door. They say to turn on outside lights, stay away from windows. I’ve heard some loud voices outside; maybe people coming out to see what’s going on, and being told to stay inside.


ETA; it looks like it may be that there was no homicide tonight, but that this guy is wanted for a murder from last year, and I guess was spotted by someone who identified him.

ETA; they seem to be doing a yard to yard search now; I’ve seen flashlights in my next door neighbour’s yard.


One last ETA for tonight; canine units are tracking the guy, and police still outside on the street, but I’m dead on my feet, so I’m going to bed and hoping that the police car with lights flashing right at my front door will deter any intruders.