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Police stations should have a 24 hr monitored non-emergency text line

I mostly need to get this off my chest because while my boyfriend listens and is sympathetic, he can’t understand. I was at a public show in the park supporting my boyfriend who was performing. It was not hugely attended, maybe 40 people, mostly over 60 years old in groups. A drunk guy with a bike came along and started heckling the performers. They went into intermission a bit early and took a long one hoping the drunk guy would get bored and move along. Instead he stayed and started harassing people, trying to be funny but really just being racist and annoying. He was moving down the line in my direction and I noticed him looking toward me. I was not comfortable. I had already been watching for the cop that is usually around the park during these shows but couldn’t spot one. As he got closer to me, I casually picked up my purse, leaving my chair, and wandered to the sunset viewpoint where these is almost always an officer during the sunset but again none (there was a big event in town). I hung out there awhile then headed back. I noticed the guy was just standing about 15 ft from my chair “watching the show” with his brown bag so I went over to a guy with a dog and asked if I could pet it to delay heading back. When I felt like I had worn my welcome, I stood away from my spot and watched the show. After about 5 minutes, an older man from the audience caught on, brought my chair to me, and invited me to join him, his mother, and his wife. It was a huge moment of relief.

I had the thought while I was standing to text the very nearby police station to send someone over. I figured the presence of an officer or a gentle move along would have resolved the problem. It wasn’t an emergency so I didn’t feel 911 was right and didn’t want to draw attention by calling the non-emergency number. If the gentleman hadn’t caught on, I probably would have wondered back to the overlook and called. This got me thinking though, a non-emergency number for such situations could be very useful. Just a hey, could you send somebody over to check it out. The same call I once did when there was a person seemingly cruising the roads in my neighborhood in an unrecognized vehicle. The cops did a round, the car didn’t show back up.


Anyway, I needed to get this off my chest to people who could understand. I’m home and I’m drinking tea and unwinding but can still feel the adrenaline draining and the associated jitters.

tl,dr: A drunk heckler put me on edge and now I’m unwinding. I’m sure every one of you (at least the women) have been in a situation that put you in high alert so feel free to get it off your chest here.

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