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Polish Prattle with Professor Pink

The steps to tonight's manicure, pictured below:

Left to right: Dog, polish remover, cheap top coat (for helping to remove glitter polish I'm currently wearing), OPI Chip Skip, Revlon Colorstay Base Coat, 3 cream polishes (for base) plus three jelly glitter polishes for mani/pedi/accent nails, and Poshe Top Coat. And if I need it, I have quick dry drops, too, but the Poshe dries pretty fast. :)


Show me your polish, ladies! (And gents, if that's your thing!)

While I'm polishing, I'm bingeing on Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix. I've been on a Gordon Ramsay kick lately!

Edit: Final product! (Forgive the sloppiness, especially on my second toe. No cuticle cleanup yet—saving that for the morning.) I think I over-estimated the amount of pigment in the glitter polishes. I expected the blue to be a lot lighter but since it was so sheer it just took on the color of the darker blue polish underneath it. I think next time I'll try a lighter base coat with these, for sure. (They're from the new Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots collection, if you're interested!)


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