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Political Predictions and Dreams!

This just in, Violet Baudelaire, famous politico*, is officially calling the Republican nomination for Donald Trump and the Democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton. Let’s talk about what the hell we think is going to happen next! What are your biggest fears? What are you most excited for?

My personal prediction is that the Clinton/Trump debates are going to be exactly like the Knope/Newport debates on Parks and Rec, if Bobby Newport had also been a raging douchebag and racist.

I think I think that Clinton - like Knope - is walking into them as the far more intelligent and politically experienced and knowledgable candidate, but that like Knope, Clinton’s biggest problems during debating will be a) how to respond intelligently to someone like Trump without coming off like the sexist stereotypes about her (shrewish, cold, calculating, etc). and b) make sure her serious responses aren’t overshadowed by someone who gives generic, ill informed responses that placate the masses more than answer a question.


So I am VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE DEBATES. I am less excited about negative ads coming. I am (and I am sorry Bernie supporters, I would truly supported either candidate that made it) excited about seeing less Bernie stuff on my Facebook. I will miss hearing stories about how much people hilarious hated Ted Cruz. I am so upset Donald Trump has to be taken seriously.

I am predicting... a Hillary win. One, because I can’t get out of bed in the morning unless I believe that and two, because I think Hillary has a much better shot at the independents.


As always, civility is a requirement :)

*Violet is not a famous politico, merely an average woman who still however has at least the same level of political savvy as a midrange cable TV pundit (i.e. not much).

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