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Political quandry

We have a local election coming up. The newspaper gave the candidates issues to write an article about. Politician A whose sign we have up well his article irked me. Politician B I liked his article. I was debating to myself between the two anyways. My mother is firmly in Pol B side now.

I feel like I am going back on my word. I told a staff member of Pol A months ago I will vote for Pol A. My mother and I agree to keep the sign up. She says that’s politics to change ones mind for voting. To me its about keeping my word. Its only the primary so Pol A and B might run against each other for the runoff or one may run against Pol C or D.

We will vote for PA if he runs against PC or PD in the runoff or if its PB against PC or PD.


Of course if PA and PB face off in the runoff I would be back to the same delimna. I would want PB to win but would feel I would have to vote for PA since I gave my word. Of course we would keep PAs sign up.

On issues there is little difference between the two on town voting as board members they vote very similar.

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