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Political rap . . . demon apathy

So, I went to see Big Boi live last night on his Shoes for Running tour. I'm a fan, but I was honestly most excited for Killer Mike as the opening act. He's always come across as a funny, likable, intelligent, genuine, humble guy, and I can appreciate that. A lot of social commentary, a lot of talk about Oscar Grant, and of course the former governor of the state of California. I think more politicians ought to be pilloried through music, and I can definitely get behind a song like "Reagan." In a nice touch, DJ Ric Flair donned a Point Break style mask of the man in order for us to boo and reject him and his policies.

Killer Mike also quickly got the crowd on his side by stopping the show at the sight of security doing a walkthrough. From that point on, it was completely open weed smoking in the concert area to an extent I've never seen before. Legalization has completely blown the doors off — no one cares. I was puffing away in the back smoking area when I ran into Turf Talk, one of my favorite local rappers. He had done a short set earlier in the evening, and I was happy to share my joint with him. We exchanged a few words and he put his hand up for a slap pound, which, as a white person, can be a source of performance anxiety. Fortunately, I was able to execute the handshake successfully, so maybe without being too immodest I can get smilla to get paranoid_shiksa_feminista to draw me up a Golden Starburst award for Trans-Racial Understanding.


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