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I’m slightly ragey that the voter database has been scraped to send political spam, because getting shit I don’t want in my inbox is bad enough without it being titled “Have you abandoned President Trump?” and raising my blood pressure with this shit:

Help the Committee to Defend the President have President Trump’s back, defend him from attacks, and re-elect him in 2020!PLEDGE TO VOTE: I will support President Donald Trump & vote RED in the 2018 midterms → 


President Trump has accomplished so much in the last two years. Now — Democrats are trying to regain control of Congress to BLOCK his America First agenda. We must know immediately if you have decided to abandon President Trump.

So can we count on you? Pledge your support today: 


[The form of name I only use on legal documents and the email address I used to change my address with the registrar of voters once]

[Name]— We need to know you haven’t abandoned President Trump – and we need to know today.

Building a winning coalition of over 60 MILLION votes for the midterms means we need everyone who voted for President Trump in 2016 to show up and vote in less than a week.

By submitting your name TODAY, you are saying you are committed to vote.Will you take the pledge today? 

By signing your name, you are sending a message to the liberal media, Democrat candidates and the President himself that patriotic Americans across the country are going to fight for President Trump and his agenda.

Do you have President Trump’s back? Or will you abandon him?

So please, add your name to a powerful list of Trump Supporters who will fight tooth and nail to support President Trump and his America First agenda. 

Thanks for taking the pledge,

-Committee to Defend the President 


The number of hyperlinks to what I assume is the usual donation page is also disgusting (yes, every time the word “pledge” was used). And fucking “Committee to Defend the President”...

Here, have some “Pledge”:

Illustration for article titled Political spam rant . . . put yours here too

I’m disgusted by the MAGAt rhetoric on so many levels, most importantly on a human level of seeing the blatant white supremacist ideology, the violence, and the Nazi playbook all over again, the deaths it’s already caused. But also. . . I’ve read primary historical texts, newspapers, etc. that had examples of similar rhetoric in other eras. And, while I realize aesthetic offense going, “you’re not even remotely good at being evil!” isn’t helpful, it’s currently one of my gut reactions. It’s like John Oliver’s “Stupid Watergate” reaction. 

So . . .

I’ve shared the following twitter thread to someone who I’m hoping might be for turning because they know they’re drowning in propaganda but can’t tell which way is up anymore:


Any suggestions for an embattled Democrat to donate to? I’ve just donated to a group fighting suppression of Native voters in North Dakota.

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