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Poll: Did I Invent Blue Cheese or Am I Going to Die?

I should preface this poll by noting that I have what I believe is a highly evolved sense of smell/disgust. Also that I am Korean and we are famous for eating fermented things. I think these are related.

One thing I know I can attribute to being Korean is hoarding food. Despite the fact that I did not personally live through a war, you wouldn’t know it by looking at my refrigerator/freezer. At any given time they are filled with enough food to feed a family of 4 in the event of a month-long emergency. At least half of this stockpile is comprised of “leftovers”, which can mean anything from a lunch-sized portion of last night’s pot roast to a single egg white to last year’s Thanksgiving gravy (listen, that shit is good for at least 3 months). And it eventually most of it gets used because I cook about 80% of my meals at home. Waste not, want not.


Well, dear GTers, this summer (ok, it’s very possible it was Easter) I decided to get a little adventurous and make my own Ranch dressing from scratch since there is no good Ranch dressing East of the Mississippi (FACT). I don’t remember what recipe I used but it was roughly similar to this one. I know it contained mayo, buttermilk and a whole bunch of cut up herbs. It was delicious! I used it on everything for about a week, but I made quite a bit so the rest of it I put in the way back of the fridge for later in one of these containers.

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Yesterday as I was tidying for the New Year I cracked the lid to check on it, fully expecting that it would be well past it’s prime and ready to be throw out. Then I discovered something possibly magical: blue cheese dressing. Smelled exactly like blue cheese dressing and (heaven help me) I stuck my finger in it and it tasted exactly like blue cheese dressing. Like GOOD blue cheese dressing! So much so that I had to stand there and think about whether I actually made Ranch dressing originally or if I made blue cheese and had simply forgotten. The bits of chive floating in in confirmed to me that it was at one time Ranch. But lo! Like magic it had transformed itself into blue cheesy goodness!


My question: What kind of magnificent sorcery is this? Have I just stumbled upon the salad dressing that keeps on giving or am I now harboring a strain of bacteria that will have me puking my brains out by the end of the day? I just had the one little taste, after which my bestie who is visiting from Portland and has kept me from making bad decisions since jr. high insisted I throw it out. But what if I hadn’t*? Would I be swimming in delicious, artisanal blue cheese dressing or hunched over a toilet? I mean...I assume this is roughly how blue cheese was discovered in the first place, no? Someone let some cheese get moldy then decided it was still pretty tasty?

What would you do GT? Anyone here with advanced knowledge of cheese-making?

*I still have a small bottle in the fridge at work.

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