Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I had to close it since Survey Monkey allows only 100 free responses and the rest I gotta pay for. My prof said we only needed 30 so 100 is great. Thanks everyone!!! In other news, prepare yourselves to eat bugs, people. They’re the wave of the future and you already eat them, anyway :p


Ooof I hate asking for this type of thing but I have to do a survey for school. It’s a quick (less than 10 questions) about food preferences. It is not a very good survey but we are not being marked for how well we do this, since we received zero training in how to run a survey. Weeee! Anyway, please and thank you and there’s some cute gifs at the end for your cooperation... Oh! Omnivores only, please. Nothing against veg/vegans but it would really bias the results since you’d have to reject one of the options outright due to its ingredients (is bias a verb? it is now. I haven’t slept in a while and all words are good words). (OR you can take it and pretend you’re not vege/vegan? I’m not the boss of you :P )



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