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Polling the undergrads and academicians

Also, Bumblecat, I am not afraid of you. I am doing important works right now...

I AM TEACHING TOMORROW. It's a 50 minute section. Here is the plan. COMMENTS?

From the moment they walk in to t = 5 minutes: fill out student information sheet / read syllabus if you're done


5-15 minutes: go over two page syllabus. Is not complicated stuffs.

15-25 minutes: Icebreaker. Name, year, major, pull out coin from pocket / say what you were doing that year

25-38: 1 page worksheet in pairs or triplets

38-45: go over worksheet (will skip if running out of time and post answers online)


45-50: on back of student info sheet, write down 1 thing you are still confused about from lecture (optional: 1 thing that worked about this section, 1 thing that doesn't work)

making up worksheet now...

Thus far, the best advice has come from the non-professor parent: "Don't go overboard. Remember they have other classes."


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