So remember how I was ominously asked "how bad do you want to meet family."? PD texts me this morning to say that he'd be over at noon instead of eight. This is much better because I was stressed last night and didn't sleep a ton. I texted him at eleven to verify noon pickup. Everything is a go.

About ten past noon, I get a text. "Trip is off. Want to get lunch?" HOLY SHIT YES! So I changed into a comfier skirt than the one I'd picked, and he came over and we start driving. He's not super hungry, and neither am I, so he asks "anything you wanna do?" I say apple picking, but he doesn't think there are any U-Pick orchards very close on my side of the city. I scoffed and gave the name of a town nearby that surely has orchards. (They don't.) As I'm trying to look up orchards, I suggest that we go to this nature preserve we went to during the last meteor shower. So we have a lovely time walking around, identifying flora, OH MY GOD THERE WAS A CRANE FUCK BIRDS, and at one point, he stopped, picked this bunch of purple flowers, and handed them to me.

You guys, I'm not a flower kind of girl. I find nothing appealing about a dozen roses. Bleh. But this made me melt. It was such a sweet moment, and if there weren't clouds of mosquitoes, I'd probably have jumped him right there.

We finish our nature walk and start driving back towards the city. His brother ended up in my area. (Oh. I was only going to meet one of his brothers and an uncle who were up because the uncle built a motorcycle and was racing it but part of the engine blew up. They were fixing it at a friend's in the city where PD and I live.) So we stop over before going to lunch.


It was fine. I have no idea what was going on because they were like "hand me this big motorcycle part!" and "How about this obscure tool thing that Jenna's never heard of, hand me that," and shit. His brother said something about I didn't have to stand way back where I was standing, and seemed super nice. It was about half an hour before the uncle noticed me. The other people were nice, and I was pretty relaxed for how nervous I am around strangers.

Brother tells me at one point "you're a lot prettier than I expected," and he was treated to a Jenna side-eye, and he goes "no, I're REALLY pretty. Like...a ten. With beautiful hair." He goes on to say that PD has always dated really awkward girls, which made me laugh in my head because I AM MADE OF AWKWARD.

So then PD and I had lunch, and then we came back to my place and got it on. I said we mixed three of my favorite things: nature, Mexican food, and sex. WIN.


And now he's less nervous about me meeting the rest of his family. Except his mother.

I also shared the xkcd comic with him, and he said that is exactly why he doesn't want to meet my parents. He's afraid something like that would come out of his mouth.

He figures he'll meet them next month when they come for my surgery, but I told him I asked them not to come, and he was like "I don't care what my daughter says, if she was having this done, I'd be there," so now I'm considering letting them. Bleh.