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Polygamy in the City

In an inane trend piece worthy of the New York Times, the Daily Beast clued me in to some goings-on across the pond. Apparently, London's professional Muslim women are embracing the freedom and convenience of polygamy. These are supposed to be older women who have their own place, own career, and usually kids from a previous marriage. They want a long term relationship, but one where the guy isn't all up in their shit constantly. They find a suitable dude through a "marriage agency" and become second wives and everyone lives happily ever after.

Well, maybe not. They don't do like fundamentalist Mormons with the sister-wife thing — there's practically no contact and definitely no love lost between the women. The marriage agency seems a little more Ashley Madison than eHarmony, since wife #1 has no idea that her husband's even shopping around until wife #2 is presented as a fait accompli. The justification is that these are arranged marriages with uneducated women from the old country, and the guys'll have a lot more in common with their new brides. As for illustrating the trend, the writer is only able to put together two subjects willing to be interviewed.

She wanted her children to have a male figure around but didn’t want to have to share her kids the whole time. “This way I get my space and time with the children, and when I need a man, there he is.” She is uncomfortable talking about what the arrangement must be like for the first wife, and how she might have felt when the news had been broken to her by her husband that he was taking a second wife. “Well, not great, I suppose,” Nazia offers.


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